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Driver Monitoring and Fleet Management | Guardian SEA2023-09-30T15:31:12+00:00

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Protect your assets and drivers through comprehensive fleet management solutions

Traditional approaches will no longer work in the face of change; now is the time to clearly define new goals and aspirations, make fundamental changes to your current operating model, and rethink fleet management software and technologies. At Guardian SEA, we transform transportation through innovative mobility solutions.

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Improve driver behaviour to avoid preventable accidents

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Keep track of all your vehicles and equipment with real-time tracking

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Effectively schedule routes and stops to save time, fuel and money

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Reduce fuel costs and save business resources with AI-powered insights

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Get full visibility of your fleet and overall performance

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Get key insights into your fleet operations to improve overall business performance

Join the fleets using our platform to accelerate their business

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Smarter Transportation

Manage your fleet effectively and accelerate your business. Guardian SEA is the leading provider for modern fleet management solutions in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Keep up with the latest insights

Keep up with the latest updates on mobility solutions, our technology, company and our plans for the future.

Oil & Gas Safety, Redefined

We understand the critical role driver safety plays in the success of the SEA's oil and gas industry. We are committed to providing innovative fleet management solutions that empower companies.

Innovations in Ports and Maritime Operations

Maritime transportation presents a unique set of challenges. Ensuring the safety and efficiency of maritime operations necessitates innovative solutions.

Safeguarding Airport Operations with Advanced Safety Solutions

Safety remains essential in ensuring seamless operations and personnel well-being. Among the various facets of airport safety, handling ground support equipment (GSE) demands particular attention due to the risks

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