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Safely operate your vehicle on or near the runway

Runway incursions are a serious safety concern.

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Traffic levels, airport expansion projects, the weather, time of the day, and aircraft movement are all variables in the runway. Runway collisions have catastrophic consequences. Your crew in your Ground Support Vehicles are constantly performing critical tasks using complex systems. Irregular work schedules comprising flight duties in the wee hours or night may result in increased levels of exhaustion. Protect general aviation, passenger and ground vehicles by applying an advanced monitoring technology that enhances safety in real-time. Apply a fatigue mitigation system that allows airline maintenance operations to keep their safety records on track.

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Provide ground vehicle operators with the right tools to enhance safety in the runway such as audible alerts to detect fatigue, distraction and dangerous blind spots.

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Having full visibility of your operators and fleet will help you anticipate issues faster and make better decisions. This will also help speed up communication and coordination.

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Blind zone sensors keep everyone safe by notifying the drivers of impending vehicle or human traffic. This helps reduce errors that lead to runway incursions.

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