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Support management of vessels and fleets

Get full view of their fleet productivity & performance with essential insights into operator behaviour

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Because you need better communication in the field

Provide robust real-time command and control capabilities through fleet readiness, maintenance tracking and repair information.

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Elevate safety within the challenging maritime environment by utilizing audible alerts for detecting fatigue, distraction, and dangerous blind spots.

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Gain real-time visibility of your operators and fleet to improve decision-making, streamline communication, and boost coordination.

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Real-time fatigue intervention system detects and mitigates fatigue to enhance crew and vessel security.

Keep up with the latest insights

Keep up with the latest updates on mobility solutions, our technology, company and our plans for the future.

Transforming Driver Safety for a Safer Future

In an era of rapid technological advancements and increased connectivity, the demand for seamless mobility has become a top priority for businesses worldwide.

  • Debunking Misconceptions of Vehicle GPS Tracking

Debunking Misconceptions of Vehicle GPS Tracking

The term 'tracking' is typically associated with negative connotations. Here are some common misconceptions you might have heard about GPS trackers.

  • Vehicle tracking system in Singapore by Guardian SEA

3 Common Challenges Faced in Fleet Management Operations

Most fleet managers usually face the same problems all managers do - effectively managing employees and assets, saving money, and producing results.

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