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  • Position

  • Vehicle Speed

  • Trip Distance

  • Time

  • Idling Time

  • Harsh Braking

  • Unsafe Driving

  • Seat Belt Use

  • Fuel Consumption

  • Vehicle Faults

  • Battery Voltage

  • Other Engine Data

gps tracking in desktop monitor

Utilising GPS Tracking Software

Know where your drivers are at all times

  • Manage your fleet any time and from anywhere

  • Make data driven decisions based on real-time data

  • Plan routes and a series of stops to optimise trip, save time, fuel, and money

benchmark menu on tablet

Maximise fleet productivity

Save time and resources

  • Eliminate delays and unnecessary spending

  • Manage fuel use and increase overall fuel efficiency

  • Flag conflicts and resolve problems timely

reservations menu in tablet

Protect your fleet

Prevent issues before they happen

  • Manage driver safety through our advanced monitoring tools

  • Track driver performance and uncover areas which needs improvement

  • Quickly identify issues and prioritize vehicle repairs


Consolidated Data In One System

Get key insights into your fleet operations, your maintenance issues and cost opportunities to improve overall business performance. Learn how you can save time, money and your business resources through our reports.


Know who is driving your asset

Add an extra layer of security to your fleet

Find out how you can manage your fleet more effectively with Guardian SEA. Get in touch with us today.

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