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Since 2016, we have connected fleets with the most advanced technologies to help companies manage productivity and costs. We’ve outfitted our client’s fleets with intelligent design and continuous innovation as part of our continuing mission to transform transportation and make travelling safe for the community.

We have spent thousands of hours working with fleets in Singapore and Malaysia to make transportation smart. From the back office to the driver’s seat, we provide solutions at every level to help our clients optimise fleets, improve productivity, reduce fuel consumption, strengthen driver safety, and be updated with global fleet technology trends.

Through our strong partnerships with industry leaders, wireless carriers, and professional service providers at every stage of the supply chain, we empower our fleets with endless opportunities paving the way for innovation in an industry where the only way to move is forward.

At Guardian SEA, you can experience a powerful fleet management solution that can help you run your business even better.

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Manage your fleet effectively and accelerate your business. Guardian SEA is the leading provider for modern fleet management solutions in Singapore and Malaysia.

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