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Protect your drivers and assets with the world’s best driver monitoring system powered by the latest in drowsiness detection technology. Avoid road accidents through our driver fatigue management solutions today!

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Driver Fatigue and Drowsiness Monitoring System

Keep your driver’s eyes on the road

Guardian South East Asia is a trusted and reputable company that offers top quality driver monitoring system that helps minimise road accidents caused by human errors. As a portion of road accidents is attributed to human error, we can help induce safety through our solutions. Following the industry standards when it comes to driver monitoring systems, we are distributing technologies that imbue road safety including drowsiness detection system and driver’s fatigue management system. These solutions offer distinct features depending on your need as a private car owner or a fleet manager. Below are just some of the key features that you can expect from our solutions.

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Real-time Drowsiness Detection Alerts

Fatigue management and risk reduction is the heart of our solutions. Thus, our drowsiness detection system provides real time alerts on the car’s dashboard to call the driver’s attention and get his focus back on the road at the first sign of drowsiness.

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AI Dashcam for Driver Fatigue Management

AI Dashcam is powered by infrared technology and can detect the signs of fatigue or drowsiness on the driver’s face. Our drowsiness detection system will monitor the driver’s face throughout the drive. Comparing it to the facial features from the initial photo uploaded into the system, the AI will be able to detect eye movement, lip curve and other facial features that suggest drowsiness. It will then provide a signal to initiate driver fatigue management.

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Data Analytics for Driver Monitoring

Apart from real time monitoring and alert, our driver monitoring system also offers data analytics for effective driver fatigue management. Saved in a secure database, you can access the data collected by the AI Dashcam. From there, you will gain some insights about the driver’s performance and derive some solutions to resolve the problems that have resurfaced.

Drowsiness Detection System


Protect your drivers with alerts and predictive insights

Our drowsiness detection system is powered by the latest in facial recognition technology that allows our scanners on board to detect the hints of drowsiness on the driver’s face for effective driver fatigue management. Should the signs are detected, the driver monitoring system will trigger a notification on the dashboard or shift the car to automatic mode to avoid road accidents.

  • Our AI Dashcam is powered by an advanced algorithm that detects fatigue and distractions

  • Our in-cab seat audio and haptic alert wakes up your driver when unsafe driving behaviour is detected

  • Through our generated reports, you can coach, advise, and give feedback to your drivers

The AI Dash Cam for driver’s monitoring system comes with a gateway that must be connected to one another for the camera to function. Follow these steps to install your AI Dash Cam:

  1. Connect the USB cable of the camera to the gateway’s USB port.
  2. Peel off the dash cam’s protective sticker.
  3. Mount the dash cam on your windshield. Make sure that the cable is on top of the cam and the driver’s view is not obstructed.
  4. Secure the cable along the side of the windshield.
  5. Refer to the manual to see the meaning of the light indicators on the gateway.

Yes, we provide installation services to all our driver’s fatigue management solutions as well as product demos. This is to ensure that our clients will get the best solution for their specific requirements. You may request for a demo or an installation service and a product specialist from our team will be deployed to assist you with your request.

You need to unplug the dash cam when not in use to avoid the cam from draining off your car’s battery. However, please make sure to turn it on whenever you drive your car as the drowsiness detection system will only work when the cam is on.

Our AI dash cam is used for driver’s monitoring and drowsiness detection systems. Thus, it mainly records the face of the driver, detecting signs of drowsiness and alerting the driver through the dashboard signals. It is a specialised camera that can capture facial details well.

How to purchase a driver monitoring system?

Purchasing a driver monitoring system is easy. First, visit the website to explore different solutions, such as a drowsiness detection system to avoid accidents due to tiredness or a driver fatigue management system with the same purpose. After that, assess your needs by asking yourself which goal to achieve or consulting the company to handle further questions you might have. You should know how a driver monitoring system will help you achieve safety, and the same goes for a drowsiness detection system and a driver fatigue management tool. Finally, the last step is to transact with the company and expect them to give the driver monitoring system you need for the fleet. You will surely never go wrong with them, alongside a driver fatigue management tool and a drowsiness detection system.

Why Do You Need a Driver Monitoring System?

A driver monitoring system is designed to prevent road accidents caused by human errors and enhance the safety of the drivers and the passengers. It also enhances the performance of your fleet through comprehensive data analytics that can monitor tardiness. It is effective for both private and commercial use. For individual drivers, the drowsiness monitoring system can help in sending alerts in case the dashcam detects signs of drowsiness which may lead to an accident. More advanced solutions will even direct your car to shift to automatic should the dashboard alerts are ignored. Meanwhile, the driver monitoring system facilitates better fleet management as it lets the manager oversee the drivers’ performance.


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