4 Benefits of Vehicle GPS Tracking

Today, one of the most prominent technological advancements lies in global positioning system (GPS) tracking. GPS tracking unlocks the door to a myriad of possibilities, from locating missing smartphones to identifying the location of others. Extending its use beyond an individual level, businesses, especially those in the fleet management industry, are also starting to realise the benefits of using GPS to track their vehicles. A vehicle tracking system works via a GPS device that sends satellite signals for processing. The GPS receivers are then able to locate the device, along with additional information, including the time and speed at which the vehicle is traveling. In this article, we take a look at how this benefits fleet managers.

Enhanced Safety

Vehicle GPS tracking may be negatively associated with micro-managing, however, this is not the case. More often than not, vehicle tracking systems are implemented to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees rather than restrict them. Apart from knowing your employee’s whereabouts, vehicle GPS tracking has evolved to include valuable features that will enhance your driver’s safety. For instance, certain GPS tracking devices incorporate digital maintenance programmes that alert or notify you when it’s time for vehicle maintenance. Some even have built-in accelerometers that can detect poor driving habits, such as sudden braking or acceleration. As employee safety is of high priority for many companies, this is where vehicle tracking systems in Singapore serve their best purpose.

Minimising Costs

Minimising Costs vehicle gps tracking

Did you know that fuel accounts for a whopping 30% of fleet operations cost? While fuel prices are beyond our control, there are ways to reduce and manage fuel usage. The first step is to understand how your vehicles are being operated, and a vehicle tracking system can help with that. Unauthorised use of vehicles and poor driving behaviours are some of the factors that can lead to unnecessary fuel wastage. With vehicle GPS tracking, you can better monitor driver behaviour, ensuring that they adhere to their pre-planned routes and do so in a safe and fuel-efficient manner.

Moreover, vehicle tracking systems today are also capable of data collection and digitalising processes. In this way, valuable insight can be gathered to improve decision making, and daily operations can be further streamlined to minimise overall operational costs.

Theft Recovery

Without vehicle GPS tracking, recovering your stolen assets is nearly impossible. Your vehicle will constantly be on the move, making it difficult to pin down. Investing in a vehicle tracking system allows you to be aware of your vehicle’s location at all times. Some systems even enable the creation of calendar templates, alerting you should there be a discrepancy in schedule or route. Should you require help tracking your stolen assets, vehicle GPS tracking makes it much easier for authorities to help, avoiding costly replacements and insurance. Besides theft recovery, vehicle tracking systems may deter thefts in the first place as criminals are less likely to steal, knowing that they might be under close surveillance.

Efficient Route Planning

Efficient Route Planning vehicle gps tracking

Vehicle tracking systems in Singapore empower a more seamless and effective route planning process. It enables you to better strategise your route with specific directional details. By reviewing and evaluating past trips via location history, you can identify the best routes to stick to, moving forward. You can also optimise routes and avoid traffic jams by assessing busy roads and gaining insight on the frequency of vehicles at certain timings.

Nonetheless, should your driver find themselves in the midst of a traffic jam, vehicle GPS tracking can recommend more efficient alternative routes, helping you save fuel costs, improve productivity and elevate customer satisfaction with on-time service.

From enhancing safety to minimising operational costs, there is no denying the many benefits vehicle tracking systems bring. In our current, highly digitalised world, it is strongly encouraged for fleet managers to invest in vehicle GPS tracking to remain relevant and competitive in the fleet management industry.

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