Businesses in the transportation industry or those with aspects of their operation that rely on transportation require an efficient way of managing the vehicles in service. The numbers could vary, from hundreds, dozens or even a single vehicle in service. Regardless of the actual size of the fleet, efficient management is crucial in keeping costs to a minimum, maintaining the profitability of the business, and keeping your drivers and assets safe. A fleet manager needs to have access to reliable data to have a clear picture of the overall performance and safety of the fleet.

Benefits Of Having A Fleet Management System

Installing Guardian SEA’s Fleet Management System allows the fleet manager to understand how the fleet operates and performs. The insights that the data provides a fleet manager are crucial as this allows a fleet manager to be better able to run the operation more efficiently. While it is true that different businesses and industries have different challenges, Guardian SEA Fleet Management System’s versatility can provide the fleet manager with multiple ways to improve the overall performance of the fleet under management. Here are some ways that a fleet manager can benefit by incorporating Guardian SEA’s Fleet Management System.

1. Reduction of Fuel Costs

A fleet installed with Guardian SEA’s Fleet Management System can assist the fleet manager by providing data such as driver idling times. Idling can consume up to ½ gallon of fuel per hour, depending on the engine size. Information on which vehicles have excessive idle times can allow a fleet manager to take the appropriate action and reduce fuel costs. Fuel costs make up about 40 to 45% of a fleet’s operational costs, which is why a fleet needs to be able to maximize fuel efficiency, as this translates to better operational costs.

2. Reduced Vehicle Downtime

Vehicle downtime is unavoidable. Regular use leads to wear and tear, which eventually leads to the equipment having issues. While vehicle downtime is inevitable, extending the vehicle’s lifetime through proper maintenance and care is possible. Guardian SEA’s Fleet Management System makes it easy for a fleet manager to schedule and keep track of equipment maintenance and reduce instances of serious breakdown by identifying potential problems through regular vehicle maintenance. Proper scheduled maintenance extends the lifetime of the equipment, reduces costs by mitigating possible major breakdowns and brings about a better return on investment for the equipment.

3. Track Bad Driving Behaviour

Bad driving behaviours can have a massive impact on the fleet operation. Bad driving behaviour such as aggressive driving, harsh braking and harsh cornering can impact the life of the equipment by increasing the wear and tear of the vehicle and increasing the fuel costs. A fleet manager needs to be aware of how drivers perform, keep tabs on bad driving behaviour and be able to take action to prevent issues in the future. Bad driving behaviour can also be a significant cause for concern due to the risk of accidents. Keeping the driver, equipment and people involved safe from injuries is one of the critical things that Guardian SEA can provide a fleet manager. Data on unsafe driving will allow a fleet manager to swiftly take action to correct this behaviour through proper safety training for the driver involved.

4. Track Speed Profiles

One of the advantages of having Guardian SEA incorporated into a fleet is how it provides a fleet manager information on speed. Having data on the speed profile of the vehicle allows the fleet manager to track which drivers drive efficiently and alert the fleet manager which drivers are not complying with the speed limit. Speeding violations add additional costs to the business through tickets when detected by the authorities. Speeding can also pose a severe safety risk. Damages due to accidents damage equipment and can also cause incalculable damage to the reputation of the company when injuries occur. A fleet manager who keeps track of a driver’s speed profile will have confidence and peace of mind knowing that the drivers comply with road rules and stay safe.

5. Real-Time Tracking

Guardian SEA real-time tracking provides several advantages for a fleet manager and dispatch. Finding out information on the current progress of the vehicles allows the dispatcher to give an accurate ETA to customers and allows for more efficient route optimization to assist the drivers and improve overall productivity.

These are just some of the advantages that Guardian Sea’s Fleet Management System can provide an organization. There are several other ways that a fleet manager can leverage the system to improve and optimize business operations due to how versatile the system is. Contact us to find out how we can help you optimize your fleet.

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