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Running a fleet comes with many challenges. Keeping your organisation’s operation profitable by being on top of things is vital. The cost associated with running a fleet doesn’t stop with just the purchase of the vehicles. Operational expenses required to keep your fleet running are factors that an organisation needs to consistently monitor to ensure that the business remains above the red.

Optimising your fleet and reducing maintenance costs is one way to keep your business profitable. Several methods are available and put in effect to optimise the operation and costs down, most of which can be streamlined by the right fleet management software such as Guardian SEA.

Various factors are associated with running a fleet that can cut into your organisation’s profitability when running an operation beyond the initial investment associated with purchasing the vehicle. These, however, can be optimised and the costs reduced to keep your operation profits healthy.

These are some of the associated expenses that a fleet can optimise with the right telematics and fleet maintenance solutions that Guardian SEA can provide:

1. Vehicle Downtime

Reducing vehicle downtime requires that a fleet manager keeps a constant eye on proper, scheduled maintenance on the equipment to extend its lifespan. Adhering to a proper schedule to maintain the equipment and prevent possible issues before they can seriously affect the vehicle and cause breakdowns is essential in avoiding losses brought about by potential vehicle downtime and increased costs in repairs.

Guardian SEA provides the tools needed to keep fleet managers on top of vehicle maintenance schedules by providing alerts and data on possible engine issues. Prevention is crucial, and the right fleet maintenance software is vital in reducing instances of vehicle downtime.

2. Reduction Of Equipment Wear And Tear

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While equipment wear and tear is unavoidable, there are ways to reduce this significantly through proper driver behaviour. Several issues that lead to the acceleration of a vehicle’s wear and tear are due to bad driver behaviour, such as harsh braking and harsh cornering, which can lead to additional stress on the equipment.

Guardian SEA can monitor instances of bad driving behaviour, which allows a fleet manager to take steps to correct the driver’s behaviour and ultimately reduce equipment wear and tear.

3. Reducing Fuel Costs

Rising fuel costs are an unfortunate reality that a fleet must consider. While fuel costs are an integral part of the operation, reducing fuel costs is possible when appropriately optimised. Guardian SEA can help a fleet manager optimise fuel cost consumption in various ways such as route optimisation, providing reports on key driving metrics that measure efficiencies such as idling time and speed profiles.

Incorporating Guardian SEA into a fleet’s operation will enable a fleet manager to better implement ways to reduce fuel costs and optimise the operation.

4. Accident Reduction

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Reducing instances of accidents will significantly impact the costs associated with running your organisation’s fleet. Accident reduction goes beyond just reducing costs to your vehicle due to damage. Accidents also affect brand image. A decrease in brand confidence due to accidents can lead to a severe loss of business and highly damaging to an organisation. Having the right safeguards to reduce accidents is vital to a company that relies on a fleet. Guardian SEA provides the right tools to monitor driver behaviour, reducing instances of accidents.

Guardian SEA’s driver-assistance feature can reduce instances of distracted driving by up to 90 %. Distracted driving, according to statistics, is the leading cause of accidents worldwide.

Optimisation Through Guardian SEA

Optimising the fleet through Guardian SEA’s fleet management software goes a long way toward keeping your organisation profitable by keeping maintenance costs down and running your fleet more efficiently. It is essential to incorporate the right fleet management software that has the versatility and ability to provide accurate data on key metrics to help the organisation make informed decisions and implement suitable measures to keep your costs down and your operation profitable.

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